“Watching youtube and trying to learn how to tie a bow tie…”

Bryce, how do you not know how to tie a tie?

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i deal with my feelings in a healthy way

and by healthy way i mean shoving them aside and spending hours on the internet doing basically nothing to keep my thoughts far far far away from them it’s foolproof yes

#I come from the Dean Winchester school of dealing with feelings

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I hopped off the plane at LAX

and it was in that moment I realized I boarded the wrong flight and would miss the birth of my first child

so I put my hands up

Album Art


Mumford & Sons | Sigh No More

There will come a time, you’ll see
With no more tears
And love will not break your heart
But dismiss your fears.
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Soon after Dane left her dorm room, Jane got up and decided to get out of the house. There’s no use of making yourself miserable, she thought. Jane glanced at her computer, the picture of her conversation with Bryce still on the screen, and decided that she was going over to see Bryce. She sent Bryce a text, grabbed a jacket, and went out the door.

As Jane walked down to Stuart she realized just how long it’s been since she’d last been in Bryce’s room. How long it’s been since she’d hung out with him. How long it’s been since she talked to him face-to-face. Jane felt bad about it. She needed some space from him, but she never wondered how that would affect him.



Therapy speech 11/09/12 (x)

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